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Corporate Collaborations

Nrityanjali is extending it’s hands to work with various corporate sectors working for the welfare of the poor. Under their esteemed organization they do have a registered body or human resource dept. which will be taking up these kind of activities. We welcome you to utlise services of Nrityanjali in implementing various welfare activities taken up that corporate sector.

Areas of Collaboration: The collaboration can be in reaching out to Oldage people, Street Children (Shelter), Destitute Women (shelter), Adult Education, Nutrition, Farmers Health, SHGs promotion, Micro-finance, Back to School Programme, collaborative medical support programme, adoption of any area or children and rendering the services by the corporate staff, and special for CAA & in any other form.

The collaboration will be more on kind and the same can be handed over to the needy in our slum and village areas.

At present we have collaborated with Satyam (Alambana) to conduct medical camps in our slum areas. In the same Jaycees, Secunderabad Walker Town Chapter has taken up their activities in reaching out to the people living with HIV/AIDS.

To promote Traditional Folk & Tribal Arts (Performing & Handicrafts), we request corporate sector and like-minded people to sponsor Air Fare for Artists & Artisans to participate in various International Folk Dance Festivals.

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