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Art in Education / Lecture Demonstrations

Andhra Pradesh has evolved unique Folk Dance & Theatre forms. If you are interested to know more about these cultures, folk art forms, we can give lecture demonstrations, dramas, etc.

Nrityanjali Academy has a very successful team of Folk Theatre artistes who have given performances on these folk art forms. Apart from performances we could also train you in these art forms.

Nrityanjali Academy Folk Arts Education Specialists, qualified Masters in Performing Arts, from University of Hyderabad, are available to lead workshops/lectures for:
- University,
- Schools
- Cultural Organisation
- Cultural Promoters
- Cultural Embassies
- Event Management People Hotels, Resorts

We have all professional traditional groups who could come monthly contracts, in restaurants.

We do this through on-site at your institution or through training programmes based at hyderabad.

Art In Education
Working with schools, colleges, universities and libraries, Nrityanjali develops dance programs for children, teenagers and faculty members.

Presentation and Demonstration
This program, popular among schools, colleges, universities and libraries, consists of short presentations about the classical dance and folk dance of Andhra Pradesh coupled with demonstrations by the academy's dancers.

The Lecture will be with some powerpoint presentations, photo exhibitions, costumes exhibitions.

The program can take place in a auditorium, gymnasium, or classroom. Dancers, in full costume and makeup, show how props, gestures, and movements are used to communicate in the rich language of traditional folk dances of Andhra Pradesh.

Programs for older students cover the origins and historical background of various dance styles and the theatrical techniques in Andhra Pradesh. Students are encouraged to join the dancers to try various movements and props. The program ends with an informal question-and-answer session.

To know more about the Folk Arts in Education by Nrityanjali, please check the links below. For information about booking, costs etc. Contact us.

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