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We perform Commercial / Non-Commercial Shows / Dance Festivals

Nrityanjali Academy offers:

Commercial Shows
We present ourselves with minimum 9 artists. Music would be played on Audio CD.

Non Commercial Folk Festivals
- Min 16 Artists would be participating.
- Audio will be provided by live musicians in the form of orchestra.
- Min 3 items wud be presented, each ranging about 10 min, making the total show of 1/2 hr.

Folk Dance Shows Requirements
- Airfare
- Food & Accomodation
- Local Transport
- Remuneration for artists
- Extra luggage charges(for costumes)
- 20 X 20 Stage with stage lights
- Costume changing room + green room
- Audio CD player
- Minimum 8 mikes
- Flat open area if it is an open show
- English translator
- Platform to sell our craft objects, CDs, etc.

To know more about different folk theatre forms, the performances by Nrityanjali, booking costs, etc, please click here to Contact us:

Nrityanjali Performances Enquiry

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