Thank You !!

Nrityanjali academy and myself is always thankful for FHI/USAID for providing us with a chance to perform HIV/AIDS awareness shows in front of First Lady of America Ms.Laura bush.

In the first week of March Mr. George Bush and Ms.Laura bush as visited india, more specifically hyderabad for three hours.  In the course of her visit to Hyderabad our organization Nrityanjali academy as performed a street show on HIV/AIDS in front of Ms.Laura Bush, in Rajendra nagar University auditorium.
She as really appreciated our work; FHI/Nrityanjali academy has gifted her with a Tambouline (A Drum). 
Her visit and other details along with an photo is published in her official website

Please click the above website or just copy and paste in the address column of your web page you can watch all required information of our performance in front of first lady of U.S.A.
We feel privileged to present our talent in front of her and getting recognition. 
We are extremely thankful for FHI for their kind co-operation and support in conducting in projects and exhibiting our talents,
Thank you one and all.
Yours truly,
P.Narsing Rao,
President, Project Director,
Nrityanjali academy,

: pnarsingrao@nrityanjali.org

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